Duncan Brown is a Project Management Consultant that offers freelance interim services to clients – click here for more details.

Duncan also has a passion for photography, focussing predominantly on nature, landscape and architecture. Some of the locations that Duncan has taken photographs, include England, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark, Belgium Germany and Switzerland – click here for more details..

Duncan has made available some of his work via the following stock sites:

The images below are just a small sample:

Iceland, 2018

Norway and the Arctic Circle – see Travel Blogs for a Picture Book narrative of the trip with maps

  • DSC00020_01_25_07
  • Reindeer, Nordkinn Peninsula, Troms og Finnmark, Norway
  • DSC00034_01_25_07
  • Between Nesna and Utskarpen, Norland County, Norway
  • Steinvikholm, Trondelag County, Norway
  • Floen Lake , Oldedalen Valley, Olden, Norway
  • Roros, Trondelag County, Norway
  • dsc00020_01_23_08
  • Vervang, Atlatic Roadway, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
  • Between Nesna and Utskarpen, Norland County, Norway


Northern England

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